One of the best things about Fuerteventura – apart from over 3,000 hours of sunlight each year – is how easy it is to explore with a motorhome. The second largest of the Canary Islands actually allows you to park your RV anywhere safe for the night, as long as you aren’t obstructing movement.

This makes for some exciting opportunities – you can rest right next to the beach you will be swimming at in the morning, for example. You will also be saving money while you’re at it.

Want to make the most out of your trip to Fuerteventura? Let’s see exactly why a motorhome can help you with that!

Stay close to the Corralejo Natural Park with a motorhome

Corralejo Natural Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Fuerteventura, with tons of gorgeous beaches filling its premises. If you want to secure the perfect spot, as well as spend some quality time without heavy crowds looming over your shoulder, staying close to the park is your best bet.

With a motorhome, you can spend the nights wherever you wish – there are no laws that prevent you from parking your motorhome in an unrestricted area, as long as it’s safe and not causing roadblocks.

Save tons of money on accommodation

Hotels and resorts are one of the heaviest expenses on the Canary Islands, often making up the majority of your final bill. By using a motorhome, you entirely skip paying for accommodation, making a vacation on Fuerteventura much more budget-friendly.

Enjoy true off-grid vacation in a tropical paradise

Having your own motorhome on Fuerteventura gives you the ability to live through a genuine off-grid experience – at the heart of a gorgeous island. Who needs civilization when all you need apart from the gorgeous beaches is right inside your car?

Buying your own motorhome can be expensive, however – especially when you count in insurance and all the additional costs that come with it. If you’re simply trying to save money on your holiday, motorhome rentals on Fuerteventura is the wisest choice.

At Caravamos, you can find a choice of luxurious motorhomes in pristine condition, available at affordable rates. The motorhomes come fully equipped and ready for island exploration – simply select your desired date and location, find a vehicle that suits your needs, and enjoy your stay on Fuerteventura!