Speeding Through Life

If you are anything like me, you love to drive or more accurately you love to drive fast. I figure, why get somewhere in 45 minutes when you can get there in 38 minutes? However, with the pedal to the metal it is almost a certainty that you are going to get pulled over at some point. While no one looks forward to getting pulled over and getting a speeding ticket, if you get a ticket, one of the first things you want to make sure you do is to check with the court to determine whether you are eligible for traffic school. Generally, you can go to traffic school if:

  • You have a valid driver’s license,
  • The offense occurred while driving a noncommercial vehicle, and
  • Your ticket is for an infraction that is a moving violation.

If you are eligible to attend traffic school, you should look for the right traffic school for you. We recommend you look for a school that is affordable, easy to navigate, approved by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, don’t charge for certificates, and have a phone number where they can be reached. If you are eligible to attend traffic school, and you decide not to take it, you will have points on your driving record and your auto insurance will likely increase.

You CANNOT go to traffic school for:

  • Equipment offenses
  • Non-moving offenses (like parking offenses)
  • Misdemeanors
  • Offenses with a mandatory court appearance
  • Alcohol- or drug-related offenses
  • Offenses in a commercial vehicle

In California, which has thousands of in-person and online traffic schools,  the state of California there are a few traffic schools that we recommend:

Zap Traffic School – A newer traffic school. Really cleanly designed website. Extremely easy to use. Good online reputation.

Ticket Toaster – This service has been around for nearly 20 years. Their name suggests they help you toast your ticket. The logo is a little cheesy but the content is mobile friendly, start and stop whenever it is convenient. Ticket Toaster offers a guarantee that you will pass or you don’t pay. They have an incredible rating on both Yelp and reviews that come through their website. They also provide a price match guarantee ensuring that you will pay the lowest price possible with them.

Traffic Safety Ed – They claim that 9 out of 10 people pass the final exam. The course is simple and readable. The test has the fewest number of questions needed for the state DMV requirements. Has live phone support and chat support.

While you would probably be better off financially by slowing down when you drive, you can at least rest easy knowing that if you are going to keep speeding, there are ways you can reduce the negative impacts of the speeding ticket you are sure to get at some point.

Traveling And Exploring With The US East Coast Tours

On returning from a trip to New York City, to your own city or country, people might bombard you with the places that you visited. It is of immense fun to relive the moments of a recently visited trip and many people enjoy doing it over and over again. But if they miss out any vital tourist spot in NYC, for instance, the fifth avenue, or the Statue of Liberty, then, they might regret. This is why people who are intending to travel to a new state, or city or even a country as vast and varied as the USA, normally make an itinerary. The itinerary or plans are checklists to ensure how one person or a group of people do not skip on visiting a spot that they have read so much about all their life.

There are bus tours that offer guided and packaged US East Coast tours for travelers and tourists alike. There are individual cities and states featuring in this itinerary or tour packages. There are also specific tours to suit individual or group of travelers. Tourists come in all age and sizes and caring for their welfare and preference on the trip is also essential. Senior citizens might not be fit enough to do a lot of walking around and would rather prefer a crisp guided tour of the city or state.

They would therefore benefit a lot from such guided tour where the tour operators might just customize the itinerary and pick out spots that are senior citizen-friendly. Likewise, even families might wish to go to amusement parks, museums, and of course, national parks and sanctuaries. Consulting with the tour operators for such spots before even booking the tickets would be a wise move.

Packages to suit all East Coast travelers:

The East Coast of USA has cities of great historic and national significance. Thousands of tourists visit these places every year, and so, the tour operators offer bus services for the US East Coast Tours. Tours would normally be of single day duration to duration of around two weeks. The tours that would last more than one day would also include hotel accommodation and meals.

The packages would include a visit to New York, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Florida, Philadelphia and more. There are specific day long guided bus tours that would take the people around all the main spots in and around these cities.

These incredible packages are affordable and they would provide all the amenities while the tourists are traveling in the buses and offer accommodation at decent star-hotels and hotels with good reviews only.

The US East Coast Tours would be including all other activities too that are special to a particular spot. For instance, a visit to New England would also include a whale watching time. These are after all going to be something that every traveler might wish to talk about, long after they reach home and return to their country after a memorable trip.

Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Most people have things they dream of doing whether for fun, to challenge themselves or overcome a fear. For this reason, bucket lists often come into play as it’s a chance for you to put these desires in stone and cross them off one by one. You may be interested in doing a bucket list and need a little inspiration regarding what activities that you can do or where you can do them. This may especially be the case if you want to leave your comfort zone and travel out to engage in your chosen bucket list items. The good news is that this ultimate travel list should give you some sort of inspiration.

Scuba Dive in Israel

When creating the ultimate travel bucket list, one thing to include on your list is scuba diving in Israel. More specifically you should think about doing so in the renowned Red Sea which is an ideal place for scuba diving as it has no currents and visibility of up to 100 feet. While under the water, you’re likely to see vibrant coral, eels, shipwrecks, and some of the most colorful sea life on the planet. This is a great activity if you want adventure and something mind-blowing to remember.

Enjoy Luxury in Hawaii

Often times, when the average person hears luxury, they think it’s something way outside of their budget. However, these days luxury is more accessible to your everyday person and doesn’t require you to spend what you don’t have. In light of this, you should add Hawaii to your travel bucket list as you can enjoy a touch of luxury on the beautiful island. If you book in advance, you could even get reasonable prices on four or five-star hotels and resorts which consist of some of the best dining and beach experiences. You could also decide to stay in a high-class vacation renter instead if you want a more personal experience. If you’d rather the latter, you should read vacation rental news to get more information about them.

Sky Dive in Dubai

Another thing to add to your travel bucket list if you’re brave at heart is skydiving in Dubai. Seeing as they hold annual international skydive championships, this is a perfect time for you to go and muster up some courage from all of those competing. It is usually a city jump which means that you’d fly over the Palm Jumeirah and get a view of the Persian Golf, as well as all of Dubai.

Hike up Table Mountain

For those who are athletic or aspire to be so, Table Mountain should be on your bucket list. Located in the astonishing South Africa, there are many trails that you could choose to hike along. Some include the India Venster Trail, Skeleton Gorge Trail, and the 12 Apostles Trail. South Africa is also a wonderful country to tour as you’ll find they have a rich arts scene, vibrant culture, and eclectic food.

A travel bucket list should consist of different destinations, things you wouldn’t typically do, as well as at least a hint of adventure. When it does, you should feel a little more accomplished as well as get the chance to do things outside of your comfort zone. When creating your bucket list, remember to be realistic and also set timelines. By doing so, you should find you have the ultimate travel bucket list.

Traveling Like A Local: A Guide To Short Term Rentals Mississauga And Other Tips

One way to save money while you are in Mississauga is to travel like a local would. This means dodging usual tourist traps like pricey hotels and overpriced dining options. One of the first steps you should take is to look for Short Term Rentals Mississauga.

Weigh your options. Always remember that not all Short Term Rentals Mississauga are the same. Some can be even pricier than a hotel room, although they could offer you more value for your money. This means that the Short Term Rentals Mississauga you might be looking at could offer you more living space and close to the same level of amenities as a five-star-hotel without costing so much per night. They also have kitchen facilities which could lower your dining expenses. Whichever short term rental property you choose, make sure it’s the right fit for your budget, your expectations, and your travel necessities.

Get what you want for less. Just because you are choosing Short Term Rentals Mississauga over hotel rooms doesn’t mean your needs have to be sacrificed. With enough research, you can find properties with pools and free fast speed Internet. You can find properties with business centers if you are working while traveling, or amenities which would help the kids enjoy their stay too if you are traveling with family. Some properties also offer cleaning and laundry services, just in case you would like to avail of them. The only thing you have to do is inquire before you book.

Consider your location. The fact is that hotels are located usually at the very center of commercial centers. This makes hotels optimal for people who are attending seminars or who are looking to spend their stay shopping. However, hotels are also pricy, and with the profiling which other merchants have done on the hotel’s potential clientele, the dining and shopping options close to the hotel are also bound to be very expensive. Short Term Rentals Mississauga however are often located in residential areas which are close enough to the commercial center. This means that the homes you will be renting out are not as pricey as hotel rooms, and are close to dining and shopping options which are targeted for locals. You get to enjoy the same conveniences for the same amount of money locals get to purchase them for. A good location also saves you cab fare and driving time if you are renting a car.

Ask for amenities for babies. Are you a couple traveling with your baby? Some properties are designed just for you and your family. Unlike hotels which might not be baby friendly, most of these homes closely resemble your own home, with more perks. You can request for cots and ask about play areas to make your stay more enjoyable for your baby. Properties which are baby friendly will also let you travel lightly. If the property can provide its own sterilizer, for example, you won’t have to worry about dragging your own equipment around just to make sure your child is well fed during your stay.

Short Term Rentals Mississauga should be your home away from home whether you are looking for corporate housing, insurance housing or employee relocation options.

Trains Vs Flights For Domestic Travel In India? The Million Dollar Question Answered

In today’s article, we finally give a fitting conclusion to a battle of epic proportions that has been raging for decades. The mighty showdown between Trains Vs Flights for domestic travel in India!

Almost every one of us has nostalgic memories of train journeys taken as kids. The packed lunch boxes of yummy home cooked food, the cousin gang with handheld video games that had Tetris, and not to forget, packing dozens of Tinkle and Enid Blyton books for a two-hour journey. The memories associated with train journeys can’t be beaten!

However, plane journeys were something of a novelty back then and how we bragged about our first super-short domestic flights to anyone and everyone who would listen to us. The posh looking air hostesses who greeted us, the smart pilots with their stiff uniforms and caps, and not to mention the free sandwiches and drinks served on board. Taking a flight trip was the ultimate bucket-list during our childhood days.

So, how do flight journeys compare with trains today? Let’s find out.

  1. Fare Comparison

While this may seem like an easy win for trains, it isn’t often so. With more and more domestic airlines entering the market, and increased competition among them, flight tickets are now more affordable than ever before. Especially, when you take advantage of the numerous sales offered by carriers and book your tickets well in advance.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. You can score Delhi Mumbai flights for as low as 1800+ INR when you book two months in advance. The second-AC fares for the same route is also around the same price range, give or take a couple of hundreds of rupees.

Winner: Push (It all comes down to your travel dates and routes)

  1. Travel Time

This one’s a no-brainer. Until super-fast bullet trains become a reality all over the country, flying is less-time consuming. This is a crucial factor especially when you’re travelling to business meets and other time special events.

Winner: Flights

  1. Baggage Allowance

Remember the train journeys of yesteryears when your mom used to pack nearly a room-sized suitcase to carry aboard? It remains the same even today. There are no restrictions on how many bags you can carry on trains.

However, with airlines looking to cut down on flight tickets, most domestic carriers don’t let you check-in any baggage for free. If you want to do so, you have to pay extra.

Winner: Trains (If you have plenty of luggage, then book a train ticket or pay for a premium airline that comes with a generous baggage allowance).

  1. Security Restrictions

There are several security restrictions when flying. You can’t carry liquids on board a flight, and you have to stand in a long security-check queue before you can reach your boarding gate.

With train journeys, the security is a bit relaxed, and there are not much of restrictions as to what you can carry aboard. However, dangerous chemicals, fireworks, and other hazardous substances are banned on both. Another benefit is that you don’t have to stand in long queues to reach your compartment.

Winner: Trains

  1. Comfort

Airlines have a slight edge when compared to trains in this round. Whether you’re flying on a budget carrier or a premium one, you’re assured of a few essential amenities like clean toilets, comfortable seats, and so on.

When it comes to trains, apart from the luxury express ones, others are not up to the mark. You may have to deal with clogged toilets and watery meals, depending on the compartment you’re travelling in.

Winner: Flights

Well, it looks like it’s a draw. But, we would like to remind you that, “the journey is as important as the destination.” So, irrespective of whether you’re flying or travelling via trains, it’s ultimately the views and the company that makes all the difference.

Pack your bags, gather your friends, and just keep travelling!

Traveling To The Land Of Sun And Sea

Tourism is the most picturesque way of learning about a culture. You can go on learning about the culture and traditions of a place, spending hours in the library, reading volumes of books. You will find it really difficult to retain that knowledge gained by reading. On the other hand if you happen to visit a place and enjoy your vacation at the place. You are not going to forget the days spend at the place remembering all about the local tradition and culture. It is because of the fact that instead of reading about the place, you have experienced the place where you spent your vacation and you have become a part of the tradition for few days. If you want to be a part of the small fisher village of Kuta which has developed in to a cosmopolitan city for few days then you can go and Plan your Kuta trip on gokayu.

How to make your kuta trip memorable?

The best way to make a trip memorable is to become the part of the culture where you have gone for vacations. The mixing with the locals gives you an insight to the places which are more beautiful and visited by the lesser number of people. The locals always welcome the visitors who add on to their revenue. If you can go to stay in the house with the local people, then you will get the opportunity to   enjoy the bed and breakfast option which will get you in touch with the local cuisine and the language and also with the local dresses.

In order to make the best of your trip you can go to hire the motor bike and also hire a local if possible hire the local host as a guide. You will get to know the secrets of the place along with the best cuisine to make the holiday most memorable experience of your life.


Plan Your Own Travel Guide

I travel a lot and for me key for successful trips is a good travel guide book. A number of them are available in book stores, some of them focus on places, some others on budget and some others on accommodations only. All these things are important to know when planning for an exotic place. So, first of all decide the place or places you are planning to visit and then gather as much information as you can, surf the internet and read about the place. To cut down the budget I often consult the library for the fresh issues of traveling guides and travel related magazines. Following few tips might help you in making your traveling plan.

You have chosen your destinations and after getting all the possible information, you have to manage it properly, for this purpose a detailed map of that particular place is a good choice. You can mark the important places, residential options and eating points on map. It will help in spotting the staring point.
Next part of planning is when to go. For this decision first of all you should know about the weather of your destination, visiting Europe in winters and Asia in Monsoon season is of course a bad idea. But on the other hand, visiting a place in peak season is also not good enough because in this case you might not get room in your chosen hotel and visiting places will be crowded with tourists. Personally, I plan two weeks before or after peak season, at times I have to face some problems but at least I can enjoy the place.
If you are visiting a place to participate or enjoy a particular festival like Christmas, Eid or Dewali, try to reserve the room as soon as possible. Because on festival time, all hotels will be packed and you will be in trouble.