Engagement Party

If you have finally decided to make it official and pop the magic question, you will no doubt be wanting to celebrate with family and friends, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect engagement party.

  • The Venue – Your best bet would be to search for a local community hall, where you can hire the room for one night, and this wouldn’t be very expensive, especially if owned by the local council. Failing that, a social club or even a small hotel might have a suitable room for rent.
  • EntertainmentOutsource this to a disco company in Dartford, who will provide everything, including all the right playlists, and if you fancy a bit of karaoke, they would be able to help. Any experienced disco provider would have a range of accessories, such as LED dance floors and laser lighting.
  • The Bar – You basically have two choices; either you foot the bill for everything, or you leave a certain amount behind the bar and when that’s gone, people buy their own drinks. One thing you don’t want to happen is to run dry, so do make sure there is ample beverages of many kinds. People understand how costly it is to put on an event, and with the expense of the diamond engagement ring, you need to be careful with money, and your guests would have no problem with a paying bar.

You will need to draw up an invitation list and once you’ve decided on a date and have a venue, the invitations should go out, as this gives people more time to juggle their social calendar and fit you in.