Label Translation Wrong

In this globalised business world, where labels have become strategic marketing tools, it is critical to translate them right for future development. And on the contrary, if done wrong, it could have brand failures which could, at many times, be irreparable. There are many examples of it in the past from causing laughter to drop in sales. However, done rightly as per the slang and understanding of the country of marketing, it could be a boon to boost sales.

Label translation getting wrong

Label translation is not only about translating the contents of the label from one language to another. It needs experts familiar with the local language and the culture of the people there and the slang they use. Only then flashy slogans and taglines will catch their attention to buy the product. What is attractive and suitable for one language will not be the same for others. And just translating them to the local language may end up getting it wrong. Moreover, in some cases, incorrect translation of ingredients and even slogans may end up in a legal tussle that could harm the brand value.

Ways that brands get label translation wrong

Since the globalisation of the business exists only in the past few decades, label translation is still an issue for big and small businesses. From world-famous brands like Coca-Cola to Nike, all have experienced wrong label translation, which resulted in taking back the products or ending up with improper marketing. There are many ways for the brands to get label translation wrong that includes

  • Not utilise the services of excellent label translational services to translate the content of the label or the marketing slogans
  • Not having enough experience or knowledge of the local slang and culture to misrepresent words to give the wrong meaning
  • Having inexperienced or people with not accustomed to the local language to which the label is getting translated to end up with laughing or legal issue creating the translation
  • Not conduct thorough and systematic research before launching the product abroad to cater to the interpretation of the labels in the right way

Hence, to not get into the translation trap, it is time not to think about translating a few words. Because globalization may have put an end to geographical borders but not cultural barriers and must be vigilant in translating the labels, only utilizing the services of excellent label translation services will avoid brands getting their label translation wrong to save huge money losses and brand value.