Fire Attenuation

There is no doubt about it: Australia is a risky place to live. No, we’re not talking about the way in which your friends from the UK talk about the country being infested with poisonous snakes and spiders (although they are in a healthy abundance!). Instead, we’re talking about fire danger, especially that of bushfires.

If the 2019/2020 bushfire season taught us anything it was that Australia is becoming dryer, hotter and more susceptible to widespread bushfires. We don’t mean to be a bringdown but it is simply a troubling fact. Therefore, it is imperative for homes in the country and suburban fringes to be equipped with world class fire attenuation screens.

These state of the art safety devices are fitted to a home’s front door and/or windows. Once installed, their function is to resist radiant heat and therefore minimise the spread of fire. There are myriad reasons why Australian homes should be fitted with these imperative safety devices and here are a few of them:

  1. Australia is prone to bushfires

We know this, and we have known it all along, but the fear has become more pronounced in recent years. The 2019/2020 bushfire season was one of the worst natural disasters on record, and it prompted a national reflection on how our governments and individuals respond to such crises.

One of the best ways homeowners can prepare their homes for such a disaster is through fire attenuation screens. Designed to withstand radiant heat and high temperatures, they are fitted to reduce the risk of fire spreading through the home and to other structures.

What’s more, they are designed to resist flaming embers from entering the property or becoming lodged in the door or window fittings. This is imperative for homeowners who live in the country or outer suburbs where bushfires can pose a threat over many months of the year.

  1. They provide greater peace of mind

Of course, there can never be complete peace of mind when considering a bushfire’s risk to a home. However, having these imperative safety fittings installed at the home can make you feel more comfortable with the knowledge they are in place. This is because they are designed to resist a bushfire’s scintillating heat whilst resisting flaming embers from catching on the doors and windows.

If you’re someone who is worried about the changing face of Australian bushfires and thinks that their home may be at risk then this is one of the best ways to prepare the home for such a disaster. This greater level of preparation will provide greater peace of mind that your home will be better protected in the possible event of such a disaster.

  1. They are designed not to melt in a bushfire

Bushfires have the ability to melt typical door and window fittings – this is a given. This is why these essential safety products have been built with corrosion-resistant steel which is designed to withstand a radiant bushfire’s heat. This is imperative for homes that would otherwise be highly susceptible to corroding or melting parts from a bushfire’s intensity.

In the Australian climate there is nothing more important than ensuring your safety and peace of mind. We have seen just how susceptible our nation is to the might of the modern bushfire and we must be prepared for it with every coming summer. One of the best ways to prepare your home is through these imperative safety screens. They can provide greater protection which, in turn, will help you live more comfortably at home throughout the year.