Last December in central London, Victoria Magrath being the fashion influencer had mingled among her about 849,000 followers on Instagram. She is tall and has her silver and at that time she was there at the celebration of her new book’s launch which is The New Fashion Rules and the event was organized by the Gleam Futures which is her talent agency. She chatted very high in an easy manner with her delighted voice which had a ringing roar out of the hairdryers and her talking style was so convincing that it intimately make her think that she knew her followers the way they used to know her. There was a group discussion held as well in which one of the fans had asked her about her regarding her wedding plans and asked her regarding her feelings of being a blogger as well. Magrath didn’t mind any of the questions and calmly replied that anyone could do the same things only when they have got the right formula for it.

There have been almost seven years in the game for Magrath to be the part of this digital sort of establishment. The content is viral among all the social media platforms including the Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and her blogs related to an old school, for the mixture of fashion hauls, commercial partnerships, and the luxurious travels. In the past year, she had almost had 36 trips out of which some had also been gifted by the PRs on which she had been photographed by her boyfriend Alex who had taken pictures of her in the St Lucian waterfalls and in Venetian Gondolas too.

This is now something really genuine that how the industry for influencers is getting authentic.

This is what actually the life for a top ranged influencer is in the year 2019 who has to keep his insatiable audience sustained and also have to do constant satisfying and rewards winning posting for the followers. The logic here is simply that the beasts are needed to be fed. But there is a change of a foot in Magrath senses as there is a sheer range of the digital content which has reached almost at a point by where everyone is somehow being desensitized. She told her that there have been about million of the fashion hauls and similarly there are a large number of makeup tutorials so people are finally done with this kind of stuff.

In the past decade, there has been a great trend of influencer marketing which is having a continuous increase. This trend is expected to increase more which is basically that the businesses of the brands are hiring the social media celebrities so that they can advertise their products and this has become one of the most used tactics for marketing. Not only this, these influencers are not limited to something specific as they have their own spreadsheet which has included Tv, Radio and many other things in it also. But according to the suggestions of Magrath, the industry is now about to enter a new phase which is totally opposite to the phase which had been going on till now including the hyperactive expansion, bumping off the follower’s counts, bossing the logarithms over Instagram and all. The second phase now is about fairness and authenticity and it is something getting back to the quality orientation again.

In this era of fairness and authenticity, there is a need that the influencers display their true passion and use the words which in true senses fill the air at the gleam. Magrath has been playing such a role of being the head of the gleam girl as she is currently the role model for everyone in this new phase of influencer marketing. Smales talked about this saying that for example Victoria is passionate for Dior and she is then going to be hanging out with the people at Dior because she truly is in love with that brand. The love basically for the brand is because she loves what they have been doing for their nonpayments and things like that. Things are genuine in fact as they are no more transactional.