The days of having to walk around with a bunch of traditional, physical keys that can get lost, stolen, or replaced are long gone – technology has given business owners and managers a handy and sophisticated way around that. Access control systems are definitely the way of the future – but what exactly are they, and what are the advantages of such a structure? Here are the top five things you should know about the benefits of an access control system for your workplace.

  1. Increased security

Physical, standard, and conventional keys are easily lost, misplaced, or stolen, as you may already know – and they are easily duplicated as well. Once a key is lost, it’s important to change the locks immediately if you want the area to remain secure. You don’t have that problem with an access control system – the keys are extremely hard to duplicate because duplication requires special production and advanced knowledge of the system. There is immediately an extra layer of protection.

  1. Comfort and simplicity

Gone are the days when a person has to carry around a jumble of keys that jingle and weigh the pockets down. With an access control system, there is no physical key to carry around – meaning that there is no hassle finding the right key, carrying keys around, or fear of losing a key. There’s comfort and simplicity along with extra security.

  1. Possibility of remote access

Thanks to an access control system, it is possible to buzz people in remotely – no need to physically go to the door or gate and open it for your visitors. This remote access can be managed from far distances indeed – thanks to the specialized technology, neighbors can check on the fish whilst you are on vacation – and you decide when and how. You are always in control.

  1. Custom access

The system is physically secured but runs on technology – this means the applicable software can be installed and set up exactly the way you want it. This means you can decide who enters what and where, and the programming can be customised for your specific needs and can grant security access to people of different access permission levels.

  1. History logging

You will always be able to review the past – there is a logging mechanism and record keeping system that allows you to review who went in where and at what time. This history logging mechanism is essential in possible investigations of theft or vandalism and will help investigators narrow down suspects.

Because of the many benefits of access control systems, more and more private residences and businesses – big and small – are taking advantage of them. Just make sure you rely on a good security system provider such as