Its branded version is called Bedranol SR and is a beta blocker used to treat various medical conditions. It prevents messages heart is receiving from the nerves by halting beta adrenergic receptors where heart receives all these messages. It makes the heart beat slow and with less force. Fast heart rhythms are prevented and the blood pressure in the blood vessels in decreased. Propranolol can assist reducing the chest pain due to heart consuming less energy in a case of angina. It can also serve well in case of a situational anxiety and deadly migraines.

Before consuming the drug:

Propranolol is not suitable for everyone. People with heart conditions should avoid it. A doctor must be consulted if an individual is pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breast feeding. If you suffer from psoriasis, slow or irregular heartbeat, asthma or any other breathing disorder, this drug is not preferred without a prescription of a certified doctor. It can also make interaction with other herbal and complementary medicines, so care is needed there too. In order to be sure if the right drug is being consumed, these tablets are round, film coated and pink. More precautionary information is provided in patient information leaflet.

How to consume it:

It is always advised to consume medication with the prescription of a certified doctor. Patient information leaflet is there inside the packaging where one can start. It will enlighten you with all the information needed and potential side effects which can be experienced.

  • Take it with a glass of water before meals
  • Don’t stop until asked by the doctor
  • Don’t crush
  • In case of an over dose, contact the doctor immediately as it can cause confusion, body spasms, sickness or dizziness
  • Take it as soon as possible if a dose is missed, until it is almost the time for the next dose

Propranolol can also be accessed online and delivered at your doorstep by reaching at it is stopped at once, it can leave side effects like shaking, sweating, irregular heartbeat and more. As the medication can be long term, doses can be reduced over time to prevent these symptoms to take place. Alcohol is not a good match while taking propranolol, as it affects the blood pressure and a doctor must be consulted if this is going to be a problem during the treatment.