Manufacturing of D shaped rubber seal:

Due to the requirements of the project as well as the customer needs, Accurate Rubber Corporation makes and deliver D shaped rubber seal, D shaped door seal, D shaped weather stripping, D shaped gaskets, and D section rubber seal. They are manufactured from high quality silicone rubber material that can be used in a broad range of industrial applications. The material of silicone rubber show excellent resistance to hot and low temperatures. Hence, a high temperature resistance D shaped rubber seal and gasket are made just according to the demands of the clients. Due to different colors and hardness of the silicone rubber material, variety of D seals can thus be made depending on sizes and shapes. They can also be made by Food Grade and other particular grade silicone rubber material. Accurate Rubber Corporation possess in-house mixing tendencies that permit them to provide shorter lead time when the clients most need it. Competitive prices are offered for the custom D shaped rubber seal and D rubber gasket.

Uses of D shaped rubber seal and gasket:

The D shaped rubber gasket and seal are used in the following materials.

  • Dairy fluid handling tubing
  • High voltage insulation
  • Connector for electrical parts
  • Peristaltic tubing
  • Water filtration purification equipment
  • Optical fiber cable
  • Door and windows seal
  • Oven gasket
  • Military device and equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Medical equipment industries
  • Manway gaskets for boilers, fuel tanks, and other closed vessel

Manufacturing of silicone tubing and hoses:

Premium quality silicone rubber tubing and hoses are manufactured by the Accurate Rubber Corporation. They provide high flexibility, performance, and longer reliability. They are excellent resistors of high and low temperatures. Also, they offer resistance to ozone, ultraviolet rays, and other weather conditions. For quite some time, these silicone tubing have been used in the medical equipment since it meets the needs of restoration such as non-toxicity and cleanliness. Accurate Rubber Corporation provides a wide range of silicone hoses and tubing items (both colored and translucent) manufactured by versatile materials which also includes platinum cured silicone tubing. Silicone tubing are used in variety of applications. For example,

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Laboratories
  • Milk and dairy industry
  • Medical equipment

Competitive prices along with the high performance are offered. Additionally metric size and English silicone tubing and hoses can also be made.

Kinds of Silicone Tubing:

  1. Regular Grade Silicone Tubing:

This is regularly used in various applications mainly where the visual analysis is the main thing. It is used in medical or pharmaceutical companies as well as food and beverage industries.

  1. High Strength Grade Tubing:

These are used in biochemical industries, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. It is also suitable for use in peristaltic pumps.

  1. Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing:

These are mostly in use nowadays, used in medical, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries.

  1. Colored tubing:

They are available in all sizes with indicative and significant colors mainly utilized for covering cables and other electrical equipment, also called as sleeving.