Pink Diamonds

It is said that diamonds are woman’s best friend- well; the saying is pretty much too. Women are consumed by this sparkling set of jewel, but with the popularity of the pink diamondin the market, the craze of diamonds has become doubled. Pink gems are the rarest occurrence on this planet, and rightly so, they are highly valuable. There are a lot of mysteries linked to these jewels. Keep reading to know some of the interesting facts.

Their origination is Australia

There is a globally popular mine in Western Australia- Argyle Mine, where the maximum of these pink gemstones are naturally produced and mined. According to history, these jewels were also excavated from Brazil, India, Canada, South Africa and Russia. However, many do not know that the diamonds from Argyle’s mine account for 1% or maybe less in actual pink colour, making it the rarest of rare gemstones in the world. 80% of diamonds mined here are natural occurring brown diamonds.

The colour is still a mystery

No one knows how the diamonds get the rare pink hue, but as per speculation, these jewels get their tones from extreme heat and pressure. Another theory suggests that they get their shades from ‘plastic deformation’, which means that the diamond’s structure changes when it faces intense force. As they absorb light differently, they give out a rare pinkish hue. Also, they come with a secondary tone, which makes them more unique and beautiful.

The diamonds have a variety

Just like other gemstones and diamonds, these pink jewels too are found in a myriad range of shades, including fancy light, vivid, light, graded faint, fancy deep, very light and more. The cost of these diamonds depends on the hue you select. The deeper tone you choose, the higher the price you need to pay. Natural, pink hue will charge you exorbitantly. Additionally, their secondary tones segregate them; hence, none of them looks the same.

They are rare, valuable and highly-priced

Pink diamond is scarce, but they are strikingly beautiful. Amongst all other colours available in the market, pink ones are the most valued and treasured. There are a few personalities and celebrities who own a pink gem. Due to its limited supply and rarity in the market, these jewels price 20 times more than the normal ones. 1 carat can cost you up to a whopping $1 million or maybe more! Clarity of the gem, the intensity of the colour, shape of the stone and cut all add up to the cost of the gemstone. The secondary colour you choose can also make a significant difference in the cost. These pink gems are so rare that it is said that only more 500 are left to be unearthed.

If you are planning to buy one for your beloved, you can check various online sites. Though these are pricey, these can be cherished and treasured for a lifetime. As time passes, pink stones will be more valued than ever before. Before the supply hits the bottom, purchase one!