Transform your home with modern bathroom design ideas.

Whether you are looking for guidance in a complete renovation project or a few ways to add contemporary touches to the room, find the inspiration you need to create your perfect space in the everyday things that catch your eye.

Modern Materials

Many contemporary design schemes rely on clean lines and subtle variation. Check out natural material options, including utilizing a mixture of different stones or woods to create harmony in the space.

Play around with different tones to create a color scheme you like. Other ideas include the use of metal and glass throughout the room to mimic an industrial or edgy feel in your home.

Recycled Pieces

If you are on a budget, or simply do not want to use all modern materials in your bathroom, mix the old with the new. Go Green by repurposing non-bathroom pieces.

Use old filing cabinets as a base for your vanity or an old locker outfitted with additional shelving for a linen closet. Transform an antique dresser, hutch, or another furniture piece into your sink area by contrasting it with a contemporary glass or stone sink bowl.

Hang a vintage chandelier above your tub to contrast against ultra-modern light fixtures above your makeup area.

Contemporary Accessories

Add accessories to complete your oasis. Windows are perfect focal points. They are like artwork that is always changing. Draw the view inside with nature-inspired accessories, like plants, decorative water fountains, and art depicting the great outdoors.

Mirrors to expand small spaces are perfect if you want to keep a very minimalist handle on decorations, and they offer another visual layer to the room.

Minimalist Decor

It is important to keep decor accessories to a minimum in contemporary spaces. Modern rooms have no room for clutter. But, just because you go minimal, does not mean you have to stick to monochromatic.

For example, add personality to a completely white bathroom by adding a pop of color with a whimsical rubber duck collection or an elegant collection of perfume bottles.

Mix patterns and textures to add interest, such as a soft white rug on your stone floor or an elegant wallpapered wall for a focal point directly across from a contemporary tiled wall.

Utilize Spaces

Create a modern haven design in your bathroom with a freestanding clawfoot tub as the focal point in the space and a separate luxurious shower stall.

Add built-in matching tiled shelves in your shower or tub surround to hold your shampoo, body washes, and bath salts. Utilize every inch of space for open shelving or closed storage to organize all of your toiletries, towels, and other lavatory needs.

Modern bathroom design ideas highlight the importance of having a well thought out space to get ready for your day, as well as provide a relaxing getaway after your day is done.

Every inch is planned to keep you organized and happy with your surroundings. Create a room that makes you feel like you can take on the world, as well as offers you a peaceful escape to recharge afterward.