cheap car servicing

This is a question that many young drivers ask, as they look forward to buying their very first set of wheels, and the answer is, it depends. Every motor vehicle has its owner’s manual, which contains essential servicing information, and the vehicle should be serviced according to mileage intervals stated in the owner’s manual.

5,000 Mile Intervals

As an average, a car would be serviced every 5,000 miles, which would involve an engine oil change, plus some other aspects that would be detailed in the owner’s manual. After 30,000 miles, for example, the brake pads might require changing, and with cheap car servicing in Bexhill-on-Sea, having the vehicle serviced won’t cost you a fortune.

Typical Components to Be Checked

A typical service would involve checking the following:

  • All belts – For tension and wear and tear.
  • Brake, clutch and power steering fluid.
  • Engine coolant levels.
  • Spark Plugs – Checked for correct gapping and excessive wear.

Mileage Guided

Vehicle servicing depends upon mileage rather than days, weeks or months, so if you use the car a lot, it will need servicing more often. Your local garage will tell you when your next service interval would be and you can book the car in for the service via their website.

Essential Safety Checks

As well as all the detailed checks in the owner’s manual, the mechanic would check the tyres, steering, brakes and the running gear, ensuring that the car is roadworthy and safe to drive.

If you would like to find a local garage, a Google search will help you locate one that is nearby.