Essential Plumbing Tools

If you are a home owner then you should be always trying to save yourself some money. In the past homeowners would call out a professional for every single job that needed to be done. However, nowadays people are more prepared to try to fix something themselves. Over the course of a year this can amount to a significant saving in money. Many of us go onto YouTube and learn how to fix things there from professionals like electricians and plumbers.

Most of the small things you can fix yourself, but if you have a plumbing emergency then you need to be prepared. The emergency plumber in Harlow may not be able to come out to your home immediately and so there are some things that you might be able to do to stem the flow of water. To do this you need some essential plumbing tools and every home should have these.

  1. Drain snakes are an essential piece of equipment that every homeowner should have. We use these to remove blockages from our drains. Your sink, your shower or your bath may have blockages and this snaking device will remove it.
  2. A basin wrench is a tool that you need to adjust the nuts and bolts that you will find under your sink. Sometimes when there is a blockage in your sink, just simply removing the nuts and bolts can help to unclog the sink.
  3. A plunger is an essential piece of kit that you can’t do without. If the toilet is blocked you can use it, if the sink is blocked you can use it and if the bath is blocked, you can use it too.

It is always handy to have some plumbing tools in your home. However, always call out the professionals when it is a real emergency.