Some design elements are a classic; they fit in with any style and price range, while always looking great. This is exactly how we feel about geometric tile. No matter where you put it, or what style you choose, it’s almost always a perfect choice.

This is partially due to its long history. Geometric designs have had a place with just about every culture and region of the world. Modern times are no exception. Geometric tile can be used for your backsplash, your kitchen floor, your bathroom floor, or even as a unique accent wall in any room of your home, and you’ll be partaking in a design trend that’s lasted throughout the whole of human history. You’ll also find geometric designs in nature. Choose a geometric tile design that’s inspired by honeycomb, starfish, snowflakes, and much, much more. This is a great, subtle way to bring the outdoors indoors with a design that will never go out of style.

Depending on the material you choose, geometric tile can be extremely durable and will last as long as your home does, if not longer. It’s not uncommon to find geometric tile today that’s decades or even centuries old, so you can be sure that the tile you add to your home today will also stand the test of time, even long after you’ve renovated other areas of your home.

The options are almost endless with geometric tile. Not only can you choose just about any color, you can also play with scale. Most people tend to first think of geometric tile in tiny patterns on a backsplash or shower wall, but don’t be afraid to go big! Choose large tiles or a large-scale design in any room for real impact. And while it might seem counterintuitive, this can even make a small room feel bigger.

Small, intricate designs also work well, creating interest without stealing the show. You don’t have to stick with one pattern in each room, either. Pair an intricate backsplash with a large-scale patterned flooring in your kitchen, or go for a high-impact black bathroom tile flooring with white geometric tile shower surrounds.

While it’s easy to imagine geometric tile in your kitchen and bathroom, don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Tile has a place in just about any room of your home! And if you’re thinking tile in the living room might sound cold or even sterile, think again. With an almost infinite number of texture and color choices, you can surround your fireplace with geometric tile instead of stone for a crisp, modern look, or design a gorgeous geometric tile accent wall inspired by exposed brick for a whimsical yet smooth design. We also like the look and functionality of tile flooring in a laundry room. Best of all, tile is easy to wipe down and keep clean, which means that wherever you decide to incorporate it in your home, you can keep it looking great for decades to come. Now that’s a design trend worth investing in.