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Best News websites For 2014

When it comes to news, consumers want it immediately. Waiting for news programs to come on television or the radio is so old-fashioned and slow; today, most people get their news through the Internet, where information is uploaded and updated in seconds. News is instant on the web and can be easily shared with others via social media sites or through email. Listed below are the best news websites for 2014 Internet news websites are more popular now than ever before.

The Best News websites are:

BBC News

It will wrong to make a list of the best International News websites without mentioning BBC. BBC News Online was launched in November 1997, since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular news websites in the UK, reaching over a quarter of the UK’s internet users, and worldwide, with around 14 million global readers every month. It contains comprehensive international news coverage as well as entertainment, sport, science, and political news. BBC is one of the best websites you must visit for unbiased international and local News.

Yahoo! News

Yahoo News is a subset of the greater Yahoo website. If visitors have a Yahoo account, the news articles will be tailored specifically to their likes, location, and age group. Yahoo News features traditional news articles as well as photo slideshows, videos, and weather reports. The site also features headlines in categories like Health, Politics, and Business, these among other reasons is why Yahoo news is listed on our list of Best News Websites.


CNN.com is a leader in online news reporting. Their website features news organized into all the major categories, and their homepage includes links to the top ten articles in each category. Because CNN.com is linked to the CNN television channel, the site also features information and video highlights from daily programs, CNN is one of the best websites to visit for international news.


MSNBC is a sub-category of the television conglomerate NBC. Their news site has up-to-the-minute information on breaking headlines as well as information from daily television programming. MSNBC also has their own blog, “Lean Forward,” which is used to report on special events like the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Google News

Google news is a subset of the Google corporation. Google users can completely customize the news they would prefer to see and can even add their own categories based on their interests. Google News draws from smaller news sources from around the world, creating a global news pool for users to browse, Google News is one of the best websites for International news.

The New York Times

The New York Times is a leading print newspaper that employs some of the best reporters in the county. Their interactive website features all of their news articles and even more, including sections devoted completely to video, multimedia, and podcasts. The NY Times website also features a classifieds board, up-to-date stock information, and lists of the most popular articles from their website.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a newspaper developed completely online. It is often considered to be a liberal left-leaning publication, and features articles, videos, podcasts, and blogs about current news. In addition to their news coverage, the site also covers pop culture and entertainment. Users can even make the Huffington Post their home page by clicking a convenient link at the bottom of the homepage. News is ever-evolving.